Why Blog for Charles Bateman???

Why in the world would I start a blog?  I am not a big writer, nor do I believe that my ideas are particularly ground breaking.  I’m not a great photographer, web designer, or have skill sets that are necessarily conducive to necessitating a blog.  I lack the narcissism many bloggers possess to have to keep their information constantly updated so they can always keep their 14 followers in the loop.  I am actually going to purposefully create content on this forum so I can remember my life.  The struggles.  The accomplishments.  The worry.  The hope.  Everything.

Now I’ll probably not share EVERYTHING that happens in my life.  That’s just weird, and that’s what personal a journal is for.  I do want to better hone my writing, photography, web design, and graphic design skills.  I really don’t have any of those right now.  I am the type that will learn about the technical aspects and can speak intelligibly regarding a certain subject without an actual portfolio of work.  I want that to change.  I am committed to spending a lot more time to learn how to create great images for the world to see.  I desire to be a better observer of the world around me.  I have a tremendous opportunity here to leave a lasting impression for my children to understand the world that I saw, and how they are viewed in my eyes.  It’s a little weird to think that complete strangers may find this, but oh well.  I’ll just have to be prudent to ensure that personal details are left out, so as to keep the paparazzi and crazies away.


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