SO…I’m kind of a tech nerd. I currently own the following:

  • iPod Touch
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 2
  • White Macbook
  • iMac
  • Canon Point and Shoot Digital Camera
  • Panasonic SuperZoom Digital Camera
  • Nikon Film Camera
  • Playstation 3

And I want to buy so much more…Here is what I want:

  • Good Quality (low-cost) speakers
  • Very good Receiver, capable of 5.1 surround, with multiple HDMI slots, and AirPlay
  • AppleTV…the small one, not the one that is rumored
  • Medium Quality record player — of course I’m going to need lots of Vinyl too for this
  • Updated Television…not asking for something crazy…I’ve had my Sony for 8 years now…I’ve been patient. Maybe next year!
  • Burr Coffee Grinder…my brother-in-law had one this Xmas…it was awesome
  • Macbook Air
  • New iMac
  • Higher End Digital Camera
  • Lots of different image editing, web design, graphic design software
  • High Quality headphones for listening to my music cranked!
  • Heart Rate Monitor — trying to lose some fat here
  • New CD player for my car
  • New speakers for my car
  • Nintendo Wii U — I am willing to wait on this one. I think my kids would like this more than I, and they can be fun games to play together as a family

I think that’s it. For now…

Doesn’t that list seem a little ridiculous? I mean, I just came up with that off the top of my head. There is positively no reason that I need to invest nearly $10,000 into all of the crap listed above…really. I wonder why I really want these things? Is there something that’s lacking in me that looks towards technology as the answer? I wonder if it’s the same reason that I want all sorts of notebooks and padfolios to write in. Why do I need something special to write in, when all I really need is the paper and pencil that is readily available?

I believe it has something to do with my lack of faith in God and my trust in tangible items. I want that to change…how do I go about such change? Do I consciously strive to find evidence of that which can’t be scientifically proven? Is the answer right in front of me? I don’t know…and maybe that’s the best place to start.



One thought on “Technology…

  1. I like that picture! I think it is a part of human nature to search even though you don’t know what you are searching for. You have a bend toward technology because of your upbringing and your fathers career. Others might search for clothes or relationships or food to fill a void. As a Christian I think it is important to recognize that when we’re having strong tendency to search and want things that we should direct that longing toward Christ. I think God allows us to feel a void in our lives because he longs to fill us to the brim with his wisdom and love and with relationship with him. When you start to recognize the need to search, search for more intimate relationship with Christ and you wont be disappointed.

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