Working Hard

As I begin with my 2013 working life, I wanted to write this blog post to commemorate a commitment I’m making to myself and to my employer (which is really myself in a lot of ways).


I’ve not always felt that way.  I strove for work-life balance, but in that pursuit I’ve tilted a little too far from my roots.  I really want to commit time outside of work to better my work skills.  As opposed to taking classes towards a degree, I’m thinking of taking classes to develop key work skills:

  • HTML5 and CSS
  • Mobile App:  Programming and Design
  • Graphic Design:  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Photography:  Both finding the shot and post-editing
  • Videography: This pursuit is very interesting to me, but also seems EXTREMELY time consuming

I am a Sales and Project Manager with a marketing/advertising company called High Country 365.  We sell advertising space in various projects that we distribute to market businesses across the area.  I have been with the company for 3.5 years now and in many respects, it’s better than it’s ever been.  In other respects, it really isn’t.

This is my company

This is my company

I have attained a certain level of autonomy that is relished by many employees.  I can totally determine 95% of my direction on a daily basis, with an emphasis on generating bottom-line results.

I do have a boss that is technologically challenged and is a “repeater”.  He enjoys hearing the same phrases over and over again, which is not something I have a particular grace for.  So when I point out that I’ve already heard something, it comes off pretty disrespectful.  As such, it takes me a lot of effort to bite my tongue in those scenarios.  I know it sounds like a small gripe, but it’s just something that I have to work through.

As a sales person, I am measured ultimately by how I produce revenue for the company.  As a project manager, I take on a lot of responsibility to make sure that we have great products.  I don’t know that I do either job with A+ work.  I don’t consider myself the best manager either…I think I become too close with my co-workers, hence I’m afraid to be the bad guy.  Yet I realize that asking for results and demanding A+ work out of my employees needs to be a large part of my job.

I am resolving to make certain concerted efforts which should maximize my output:

  1. Weekly Staff and Review Meetings:  I want this to be a time for our “socializing” and to collaborate.
  2. Monthly performance reviews with myself. Can’t just be sales related…
  3. Quarterly “Skills”assessment — Have I gotten better at any of those areas above?
  4. Make at least 10 fresh sales calls per day.  If I can get 50 calls out there weekly, then I should try to get 10 face to face pitches per week
  5. Hold myself accountable weekly to Chelsea and Ben.

Those 5 items should ensure that I am the best employee I can be.  I should also make more money.  I should also set myself up for a great future career with this business.  If we can generate $50,000 in sales annually, I will be very pleased.  If I can break that down into 200 working sales days (10 months x 20 workdays per month) that comes to $250/day, $1250 per week, $5000 per month.  This is and is not a lofty goal.  Last year we had about $10,000 in sales.  I’m talking about a 400% increase…that’s not very typical, especially in today’s market, but I know that a lot of this is on my shoulders.  I’m actually looking forward to March 1, when I can truly implement the time necessary to make these changes and start hitting home runs.

First things first though…gotta start working on skills daily and setting some short term goals.


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