Back at it.


Another favorite on my Four Hour Body eating plan:

Roast Beef Zucchini Roll Up

– One Slice Roast Beef
– A few small pieces of fresh Zucchini, julienne cut
– add a few baby carrots too
– 1 tbsp low fat cottage cheese
– Season with salt and black pepper

These are so good. Quick, savory, filling. I can eat three of these, then eat a salad with some avocado later. I’m really trying to maximize green veggies. Eggs on a bed of spinach, kale in small pieces in a salad, zucchini at dinner. After cheat day I was still 12.5 lbs less than I was in January 1.

Told my wife that I feel God has revealed himself in this way of eating and I’m honoring him with diligence, patience, and enthusiasm. I am at peace acknowledging the challenge before me and my missteps over the years. It feels great to conquer something, though small to me and insignificant to others, because I don’t know that I’ve conquered enough recently on my life.

Here’s to bigger and better things.



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