How to Eat Healthy at Work

So…one of my struggles over the years has been very poor eating at my office. Burgers, Pizza, and all sorts of general crap were my standard fare. It’s taken some work, bu t I have figured out some things that have worked well for me.


#1 — Make your lunch the night before. There is never enough time in the morning. If you don’t plan, you should plan to fail. It’s not something I am super diligent about, but I have a wife that is freaking amazing and has been a tremendous help in my quest for fitness. She has actually picked up elements of my eating plan herself, with vigor and love. Though she helps a lot, I am the one responsible. So I make sure we have enough food from dinner, bust out the Tupperware and fill it up. I always make sure to package more food though, just in case, that adheres to my eating plan. I am not going to starve myself…my mind doesn’t work well when I do, and I am not strong enough to handle that. This has helped me so far.

#2 — Eat Foods that are Green this is not rocket science, but it can be more of a chore to find things that actually taste good. I really like spicy guacamole, spinach, broccoli, and snow peas. I try to incorporate those foods as much as possible, along with legumes, proteins, and any other veggies I like.

#3 —Keep Hot Sauce at Desk This may just be a “me” thing, because I am obsessed with good hot sauces. I use it to flavor a lot of the foods so I can actually enjoy eating. Maybe it’s a cop out, but hey…I think enjoying the flavor is a good part of trying to lose weight too.


All in all…I have enjoyed the past month. I will be posting my workout sessions shortly. I gained almost five pounds from Super Bowl weekend…but have already lost two of those pounds. I write these posts to keep myself going. I enjoyed the food that I ate this weekend, but not as much as I am looking forward to running 5 miles, playing basketball without getting crazy tired, and fitting into size 34 jeans. I hope to do all of those things by summer…but I am just trying to get through today first.



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