My Julia

This is my darling Julia.  Not much needed to say here.  Just my beautiful little girl and a moment I hope we can remember forever.  These days are long, but the years are short.  I’m really trying to take more pics of my kiddos so I can remember these moments.  These are what matter, and this short walk on the greenway today with bikes was exactly what we needed.

My Darling Julia

My Darling Julia


Izzy with new toy


Here is Isabel with a toy that my dad got her for Christmas. It goes beep and boop then starts talking to them. Not the least bit annoying and the kids love it so far.

Shot with my iPhone 5 and the camera+ app. Probably my favorite app as I can easily set exposure and focus properly. I don’t use it when I need to snap a bunch of pics quickly, as its not really built for that kind of speed. The editing options aren’t bad, but nothing on the iPhone is as good as my desktop. If only you could also set shutter speed or aperture…that would be amazing.

Why Blog for Charles Bateman???

Why in the world would I start a blog?  I am not a big writer, nor do I believe that my ideas are particularly ground breaking.  I’m not a great photographer, web designer, or have skill sets that are necessarily conducive to necessitating a blog.  I lack the narcissism many bloggers possess to have to keep their information constantly updated so they can always keep their 14 followers in the loop.  I am actually going to purposefully create content on this forum so I can remember my life.  The struggles.  The accomplishments.  The worry.  The hope.  Everything.
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