How to Eat Healthy at Work

So…one of my struggles over the years has been very poor eating at my office. Burgers, Pizza, and all sorts of general crap were my standard fare. It’s taken some work, bu t I have figured out some things that have worked well for me.

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So we have moved our office space. I feel like we haves “moved on up”. We hadm6 people crammed into a small office space and now envy one has their own office, plus a receptionist area, and an overall very professional feel.

The problem is that it’s my responsibility to coordinate everything, along with as many as my other duties as possible. So this is my desk right now…just a conglomeration of stuff and papers. By tomorrow things should calm down a bit, but damn things are busy right now. And it’s busy doing things that are not creating revenue, but investing in our infrastructure to be able to make money. Hopefully the investment pays off.

We’ll see…

Apple Passbook Development

I am not a developer.  I don’t know code.  I don’t know where to begin really.  But I’m pretty good at following directions and just messing around until something works.  I have been intrigued by the marketing possibilities of the much ballyhooed passbook functionality with iOS 6.  So…can someone of my limited knowledge create a pass?  You’d be surprised… Continue reading

Wagon Wheel

If you are from the Western, NC area, then you know the song Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show.  You’ve probably heard it a few thousand times, or at least tried to learn how to play it on guitar.

This is my take on Wagon Wheel…I like this one better.

Photo was taken with the Nikon D3200 here at the office.  I was on Beech Mountain looking to capture some stock images for our website and mobile app.  I used GIMP for editing as this was shot in NEF format.  Only messed slightly with the exposure.  I really like GIMP so far.  Hope you likey!!


Beech Mountain Wagon Wheel

Beech Mountain Wagon Wheel

Why Blog for Charles Bateman???

Why in the world would I start a blog?  I am not a big writer, nor do I believe that my ideas are particularly ground breaking.  I’m not a great photographer, web designer, or have skill sets that are necessarily conducive to necessitating a blog.  I lack the narcissism many bloggers possess to have to keep their information constantly updated so they can always keep their 14 followers in the loop.  I am actually going to purposefully create content on this forum so I can remember my life.  The struggles.  The accomplishments.  The worry.  The hope.  Everything.
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