The Same Food…Different Day

I’ve lost 20 pounds in a month without being hungry and without exercising much (though any exercise was more than what I was doing previously).

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How to Eat Healthy at Work

So…one of my struggles over the years has been very poor eating at my office. Burgers, Pizza, and all sorts of general crap were my standard fare. It’s taken some work, bu t I have figured out some things that have worked well for me.

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Lunch Yesterday


Went to the Golden Corral again yesterday. Lost 1.2 lbs overnight.

Dinner Tonight


Spring Mix
1/4 avocado
2 slices turkey bacon crumbled
1 slice deli turkey breast cut up
A sprinkle of slivered almonds
Liberal Black Pepper

I can’t believe I am eating this without salad dressing. That just never happens. I was actually craving a salad after eating steak fajitas for lunch. I skipped the cheese, rice, and sour cream. I did not wrap anything and just mixed it all up. It was really filling so a salad like this actually feels good.

I pondered tonight that by the end of January I may have eaten more green veggies than I did in all if 2012. How awful is that???!!?!?!

Here’s to 2013…


Cheat Day — Glorious!


I’ve been looking forward to today all week. Just finished my third week of the Four Hour Body Slow Carb Diet. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, which was my goal for the month.

Enjoy the glory of this donut. Along with one of the best espressos I’ve ever had. If you haven’t been to Local Lion yet…just go. Thank me later.